Mental Edge Weekly Live Call Subscription Description





Who is Chad Hermansen?

Chad has spent more than 20 years in professional baseball. He is a former first-round draft pick playing for the Pirates, Cubs, Dodgers, and Blue Jays in the Major Leagues.  He is currently a scout for the Los Angeles Angels. Chad’s passion is helping and coaching athletes to help them reach their potential.

Each week Chad will be teaching/coaching content to help you or your athlete in developing the mental game.  He will teach a lesson and then open up the call for the Q&A session.  Occasionally he will have special guests.

His goal and mission are to build a community where athletes can learn and grow together and feed off each other’s stories and experiences. 

Who can get on these calls?

These calls are for all athletes, male and female, coaches, and parents—anyone who wants to improve in their life and sport. If you have a younger athlete, parents are encouraged to be on the call with us.

How do I get the weekly call information?

Once subscribed, Chad will email the live call information to the email the account was enrolled under with the day and time of the call.  He will do his best to keep it the same time each week, but times and days can be subject to change with Chad’s scouting schedule throughout the year.  Depending on the number of people on each call, he may add more days and times throughout the week.

If you miss the live call, Chad will email a recording of the call the following day to subscribers.

Note: if a parent/guardian has enrolled the athlete with their payment info, the call information email will go to the person (parent/guardian) paying for the subscription. The Parent/guardian will need to forward the call info to the athlete each week.  Chad will do his best to work around this and will have athletes email him the call info email so the parent can avoid the hassle of forwarding the email every week.

Do I have to say anything on the call?

After Chad teaches some content, he will open up the call and hopes to have some interaction with you and the other listeners.  It is not required to say anything during the call if he asks questions.  However, his goal is that you get comfortable being uncomfortable and are willing to ask questions and not feel embarrassed about participating.  We all grow in discomfort! He wants to provide a safe place to get your questions answered and not be judged by him or others on the call.  If you, however, feel you don’t want to say anything and listen, that is completely fine.


How long are these calls?

Chad will try to keep the call under one hour.  The number of questions will dictate the duration.

How much is this subscription membership?

$13.99 a month. To cancel, you must go through Paypal and follow their terms.

I don’t know who Chad is, is there any other place I can get to know him or does he have any free content?

Chad has a Youtube Channel called MentalEdgeTrainingCoach, where he interiews current and professional athletes, coaches, scouts, and everday folks from all walks of life.  These episodes have some great content and are inspiring stories.  We highly recommend you subscribe to his channel.  Chad is also working on getting these episodes in podcast form. Look for these under the same name as above on Podbean and Itunes.

What if I have no interest in being on the live weekly calls, but want to still work with Chad, are there other options?

If you want to learn at your own pace and enjoy watching videos for learning, Chad’s online video vault is the answer.  The is an online membership of 45 videos and counting.  It’s a yearly renewable membership for $199.  Membership includes email access to him directly for support, and a one-hour Zoom coaching session per year. Check out the website for more details.

Does Chad do one-on-one or team/club coaching?

Yes, Chad has personal clients he coaches over Zoom meetings. Each team and individual has different needs.  For a free consultation email him at